Reverse Osmosis Systems vs. Faucet/Pitcher Water Filters

A reverse osmosis filter can rid your water of 99% of harmful impurities

If you live in South Georiga, and are trying to decide on a Culligan® Reverse Osmosis system versus a faucet-mount or bulky refrigerator pitcher, there are a number of things to consider.

The first is, what are you getting from a reverse osmosis filter – or better yet – what is being left out? If you live an a neighborhood where your water supply could contain higher than typical amounts of lead, radium, chlorine, or arsenic, a regular filter will not get the job done. It might REDUCE these harmful impurities, but will not get rid of 99% of them*. An activated carbon filter is not designed to remove all disease-causing water impurities.

Aside from health benefits of a reverse osmosis filter, aesthetics can improve as well. If your water has a smell or taste of chlorine or other bad tasting or smelling odors, a Culligan Aqua-Cleer Reverse Osmosis filter will rid your water of this, along with other bad tastes or odors, such as sulfur. It’s like having a bottled water company under your sink.

Maintenance-Free, Worry-Free

Does anyone enjoy changing a filter every one to two months and re-filling water pitchers every day? When you purchase a Culligan Reverse Osmosis Filter, you are getting more than a product – you’re getting the best warranty in the business and more than 80 years of impeccable customer service. That covers installation, a top-of-the-line water filtration system, and its maintenance.

Do you have a competitor brand RO filter that needs service or repair? No problem! Our water experts will take a look at any make or model, regardless of brand.

Better Water Means Better Everything

You’ll see the difference — whether it’s the crystal clear ice cubes, the taste of coffee, cooked fruits and vegetables. Your baby will taste the difference in its formula. Your pets will taste the difference in their water bowls. The entire family benefits from a reverse osmosis filter!

Affordable Options

Don’t settle for the transactional approach like you are buying an appliance at a big box retailer. Your water is more precious than that, and financing options are available for purchase and rentals. Additionally, it costs no money for your local Culligan dealer to run a FREE water test to determine what impurities are lurking in your drinking water.

Culligan never ties you to long term contracts. We have options that fit EVERY budget – and you get it all from the experts that live and breathe in-home water treatment, day after day. Your local Culligan dealer knows the area and wants to get to know you, too. Give us a call today for cleaner, healthier water!

*contaminants may not be in your water

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